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Chip Carved Pearwood Box

A carefully turned and chip carved pearwood box. A beautiful wood, rich light brown, pearwood is a fairly durable, dense wood, more difficult to carve. Ivan Gontar chooses a wood with delicate grain, lets it cure, then forms the box in a way that complements the grain. After the box is turned, he then chip carves every inch, by hand, making it a faceted jewel in wood. Different sizes are available, most at least 2" high, 2.5" to 3.5 " in diameter, 4 oz.
WB003: Chip carved box, pearwood for $180.95.

Chip Carved Limewood Box

A wooden box, turned and chip carved out of soft and fragrant limewood. The cells of limewood are porous and easily compressed, making it a wonderful candidate for chip carving, since the pressure of the knife causes the design to be mirrored on the inside of the box as well as the outside. Ivan Gontar's skill makes these items one-of-a-kind masterpieces. All are domed in shape, at least 2" high, 2.5" to 4" in diameter, 4 oz.
WB004: Chip carved box, limewood for $160.95.

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Beresta Birch Box

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The sides of these amazing boxes are made out of molded and carved birch bark. The tops and bottoms are then turned to fit the birch bark shape. As beautiful on the inside as on the outside, this craft has been handed down from Russian peasants who came to Ukraine from the East during the 18th century. Vladimir Samco is the artist. Available in light or dark wood, oval, round or triangular in shape. Average size 2.5" to 3" high, 3" to 4.5" in diameter, 7 oz. Use for holding special treasures.
WB005: Beresta birch box for $35.95.

Inlaid Straw Box

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These astoundingly ornate boxes illustrate a craft practiced for hundreds of years in the farm villages of Eastern Europe. Using wood, straw and glue - simple materials readily available in winter - peasants would create these elaborate items as gifts for the holidays. Each design was carefully laid out, using images borrowed from the Pysanky tradition. The straw was then cut into fine pieces and glued into place. A thin coat of lacquer protects the straw from becoming unglued. The limited quantities we have available are painstakingly fashioned by an artist's cooperative in Kiev. They come in five sizes ranging from small 2" squares 1.5" deep to rectangles over 6" by 4" by 3" high with hinged lids.
WB008-L: Inlaid straw box, large, about 3" x 5" for $57.95.
WB009-S: Inlaid straw box, small, about 2 - 2.5" square for $17.95.
WB012-M: Inlaid straw box, medium, about 2.5 x 3.5" for $22.95.
WB010-ML: Inlaid straw box, various sizes between medium and large for $40.95.
WB011-XL: Inlaid straw box, extra large, assorted shapes and designs for $69.95.

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