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Reverse Painting-on Glass

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Reverse painting-on-glass is a uniquely difficult art. As practiced by Vladimir Marko, it requires a four step process: using oil paint, on a sheet of glass, first the fine outline of all figures and the white areas are painted. Then the larger details are done, including the gold leaf accents. Finally, the background is painted, completely covering the surface. The difficulty is that the artist cannot see what he is painting over without looking in a mirror, since the whole process is backwards. Although Marko's style is modern, all his images are from the folk art tradition. See the pysanky image section to match symbols. Each piece is signed, a unique example of this rare art form. Let us choose one for you.
AG001-M: Reverse painting on glass, modern icon, 7" x 5" for $57.95.
AG002-S: Reverse painting on glass, floral design, 5" x 5" for $47.95.
AG003-L: Reverse painting on glass, modern icon, 9" x 7" for $77.95.
AG004-XL: Reverse painting on glass, modern icon, 12" x 9" for $160.95.

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