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Larisa's Garden Goose Egg

Larisa's Garden Goose Egg gives Larisa Vashchenko more room to express her homage to the park-like corners of Kyiv where she spent her childhood among flowers, apple trees, wild herbs and birds, bees and other pollinating insects of the field. The Goose Egg has a more durable shell, therefore harder to break. The colors are muted and go with almost any decor. Each design is original and signed by the artist. Note: eggs are empty.
E004: Larisa's Garden Goose Egg for $38.95.

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Larisa's Black & White Garden Goose Egg

Larisa Vashchenko's Garden Goose Egg, black & white, is a delicate outline of a work-in-progress. This is what the Garden Egg looks like before she adds the watercolor accents. Done in ink with a light coat of lacquer, it may appeal to the more minimalist among you. Each is slightly different, and each is signed by the artist.
E004-BW: Larisa's Garden Goose Egg, Black & White for $38.95.

Petrykivka Egg

Ludmilla Bondarenko is a renowned practitioner of the art of "petrykivka", an 18th century stylized form of painting floral and plant motifs. Here she uses the simple and perfect form of the egg as her canvas. Painted in acrylic with a thin coat of lacquer, primary colors on each egg are either blue, purple, red or orange, with yellow, green and brown accents. Each egg is signed by the artist. Note: eggs are empty.
E003: Petrykivka Egg for $22.95.

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