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Rushnyky, Intricate and Cross-Stitch

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The most amazing example of the skill and tradition of the rushnyk is displayed in the intricate cross-stitch designs from the Trans-Carpathian Hutsul area. Dona by Lilya Katzenseva and Ludmilla Gandzha, this cross-stitch pattern can take one woman almost a month, working 8 hours a day, to complete. The simpler design from Dniepropetrovsk utilizes the traditional red and black in an elegant cross-stitch, while the Ivano-Frankivsk pattern echoes the woven belts and accessories common in the Carpathian Mountain tradition.
EM005-HUT: Intricate Rushnyky, Hutsul area for $275.95.
EM005-DNI: Intricate Rushnyky, Dniepropetrovska Oblast, black and red for $275.95.
EM005-IVA: Intricate Rushnyky, Ivano-Frankivska Oblast, colorful geometrics for $275.95.

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