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Floral Lacquer Box

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Similar to the famous Russian lacquer-ware from "Palech", these wooden boxes are decorated with traditional Ukrainian floral designs in the "petrykivka" style. They are done by Tamara Shchegol, signed and dated in gold script. Each is slightly different. These boxes are so carefully made and lacquered that people think they are ceramic. Perfect for holding very small items. Exceptional quality makes a great gift.
LB001-L: Black lacquer box, large floral, 3.75" diameter, 2" high for $48.95.
LB002-M: Black lacquer box, medium floral, 2.5" diameter, 1.25" high for $38.95.
LB003-S: Black lacquer box, small floral, 2" diameter, 1" high for $28.95.

Landscape Lacquer Box

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These boxes are made by Alexander Shchegol. Using a brush sometimes made out of a few strands of cat hair, he paints miniature landscapes, winter or summer scenes of Ukrainian villages. These images are so finely done only a magnifying glass will show all the hidden details. Each is sightly different and is dated and signed by the artist. A very popular gift. Specify if you prefer a winter or summer scene.
LB004-L: Black lacquer box, large landscape, 3.75" diameter, 2" high for $50.95.
LB009-M: Black lacquer box, medium landscape, 2.5" diameter 1.5" high for $40.95.
LB005-S: Black lacquer box, small landscape, 2.25" diameter, 1.25" high for $30.95.

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